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Granada Hills Pool Motor Repair - Granada Hills CA Pool & Spa Company.
The new Title 20 code is in effect for new and replacement of pumps and motors. This new law allows for a maximum of .99 total horsepower for single speed circulation systems. If greater hp is required, then a mulit-speed or variable speed pump will be needed in addition to a controller replacing the current timeclock.

Northridge Pool Motor Repair
- Northridge CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
Bearings are many times the culprit for noisy equipment rooms, and unfortunately this may not change for a while. A decade ago, the parts used in manufacturing were acquired to some degree for their performance value over price. This seems to have changed - now price over quality.

Agoura Pool Motor Repair
- Agoura CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
Motors are designed with horsepower in mind, and an application for a pool or spa does take into consideration the distance and height that the water is being transported to and fro. A high-head pump will help deliver a force that can overcome height, and so equipment can be installed above the pool.

Beverly Hills Pool Motor Repair
- Beverly Hills CA Swimming Pool & Spa.
It is not very common any more to see a brass pump in service anymore as they have been replaced with thermoplastic and fiberglass designs. The latest changes however have to do with California State requirements for energy conservation, and so the motors are now newly designed to meet these demands.

Studio City Pool Motor Repair
- Studio City CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
It is a ubiquitous myth that the higher the horsepower, the stronger the pumping action and flow. This however is not the case all the time, because not all pumps are equal. Some are called high-head, others medium or low-head which translate into greater or lesser flow regardless of the motor hp!

Canyon Country Pool Motor Repair
- Canyon Country CA Pool & Spa.
When experiencing motor failure, call the people who have been rescuing pools for the past 24 years - Spectrum Pool Care. We are proud of our reputation as a professional and ethical group of service technicians. Whether it's an easy fix, like removing a pebble for the impellor, or a replacement, you can rely on us.

Brentwood Pool Motor Repair - Brentwood CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
Quality is not too hard to find when it's Spectrum Pool Care on your property! Our repair techs are adept and skilled at locating what is ailing your pool equipment. Motors suffer certain symtoms such as freezing, overloading, and contributing to noise pollution in the neighborhood. We can address these issues.

Encino Pool Motor Repair - Encino CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
What makes your pool or spa water whirl around and sparkle? That would be the motor, and sometimes it can fail. We at Spectrum are experts when it comes to troubleshooting and resolving such issues. Hire our technician and we will provide a solution quickly and affordably.

La Crescenta Pool Motor Repair - La Crescenta CA Swimming Pool & Spa.
Be sure to consider what type of motor your system has before replacing or repairing. Your specific application diagnosis should include size and type of plumbing which affects the hydraulics, as well as electrical service and any water features such as water falls, infinity edge, or solar heating. This will help to mitigate problems early.

La Canada Pool Motor Repair - La Canada CA Swimming Pool Company.
The A.O Smith Nema C-Flange 56J Frame swimming pool filter pump motor has two sealed ball bearings designed for quietness, and lubricated for extended wear. Greases are deliberately chosen for moisture and heat resisting qualities, with aluminum end bells lathed for optimal concentricity and limiting runout. Selecting a proper motor for your specific application will insure better operation.

Tujunga Pool Motor Repair - Tujunga CA Swimming Pool & Spa Management.
With daily service and repair visits, we cover the whole gamut of equipment upgrades and repair. The pump, motor, heater, salt system, ozone, and automation, as well as spa duty equipment all work together in harmony and balance. Select a technician who can understand a comprehensive approach to maintenance for a better outcome.

Simi Valley Pool Motor Repair - Simi Valley CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
Current legislation has required energy usage considerations when replacing a pool or spa motor. Title 20 requires that replacement must comply with low kilowatt expense, and that is accomplished with a .99 Total Horsepower or less system - or by installing a variable speed pump. Inquire about your options and upgrade responsibly.

Tarzana Pool Motor Repair - Tarzana CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
At 3450 RPM's, a pool-duty motor makes many revolutions a day and must be durable to withstand being exposed to the weather and doing its daily work as well. There are many reasons why a motor can fail, so hire the experienced pros to provide an accurate diagnosis and solution.

Woodland Hills Pool Motor Repair - Woodland Hills CA Pool & Spa Company.
Currently, new standards in electical efficiency have prompted code changes requiring energy saving motors, as well as multi-speed pumps on new installations. When needing a replacement, our service team will be sure to provide you with current equipment in accordance with these local ordinances.

Sherman Oaks Pool Motor Repair - Sherman Oaks CA Pool & Spa Company.
An upgrade to a more efficient pool motor or pump is becoming frequent as our community is more in line with eco-friendly products that will save on enviornmental impact as well as daily operational costs. Speak with our techs to inform yourself towards the best alternative while considering a motor repair or replacement.

Calabasas Pool Motor Repair - Calabasas CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
The heart of a circulation system is the pool or spa motor, and when in need of service or replacement, you can rely on the Spectrum team to provide expertise and clear solutions. Motors can be subject to water damage, corrosion, and simple age which makes them become loud or inoperable. We here for you.

Santa Monica Pool Motor Repair - Santa Monica CA Pool & Spa Company.
Spectrum is an eco-aware company and can offer alternatives when it comes to pool and spa equipment replacement or upgrades. If motor replacement is necessary, we can discuss with you the options of switching to a variable speed pump that can save significantly each week in operating costs. Inquire by phone or contact form today.

Westlake Village Pool Motor Repair - Westlake Village CA Swimming Pool Care.
If the pool pump starts to make too much noise, then usually the bearings are starting to corrode or loosen and it's time to think about motor replacement. You might be relieved to hear a new system and wonder how you suffered with the noise level before. Spectrum is competent to provide quick and responsible repair solutions.

Van Nuys Pool Motor Repair - Van Nuys CA Swimming Pool Care.
For a dependable company to service your pool or spa motor, Spectrum has a staff of dependable and knowledgable technicians to inspect and provide an on-site evaluation of your failing motor. If it is a seal and gasket replacement, no problem. If leaking at the fittings, again, done with skill and pride.

West Hills Pool Motor Repair - West Hills CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
Somtimes a pump or motor is oversized causing the water to cavitate and vibrate the shaft and impellor so much that the seals start to leak in short order. An after effect of that is water running into the motor and causing the bearins to squeal. It is best to address all leaking symptoms at your pool equipment station - Spectrum is equipped.

Thousand Oaks Pool Motor Repair - Thousand Oaks CA Swimming Pool Care.
There are a few choices for motor replacement depending on the mounting frame of the existing pump. Whether a C-Frame, Square Flange, or A-Series type, Spectrum is competent for whatever the repair need may be. Capable for repairs and installation of new equipment, or simply consultation, rely on the professionals for your pool or spa.

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