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Agoura Pool Heater Repair - Agoura Hills, CA Pool Maintenance Company.
If the heat exchanger gets coated with soot, the furnace cannot exhaust properly and will cause the flame to be deprived of oxygen, which will in turn create more soot in a downward cycle. This will result in a warped heat exchanger, burners, and internal damage to the components. It's always best to service the heater regularly.

Bel Air Pool Heater Repair - Bel Air CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
When you're ready for a dip in the hot tub or just warming up the pool for a party, your pool heater must be functioning with all burners firing cleanly. We at Spectrum have years of experience diagnosing and eliminating the source of the problem. Our trained technicians are reliable and can handle any heating issue provding options for repair or replacement.

Beverly Hills Pool Heater Repair - Bel Air CA Swimming Pool Company.
The newer pool heaters no longer utilize a standing gas pilot that is always burning and awaiting for the homeowner to turn on the gas valve with the throw of a switch. California laws have mandated the elimination of such technology for the purposes of conservation and air quality management. This goes a long way to minimize ozone depletion as we must all do our part. We at Spectrum want to support all eco-friendly approaches to pool care.

Brentwood Pool Heater Repair - Brentwood CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
The ocean air has salt that can be corrosive to swimming pool equipment and can shorten the life of a pool heater. Annual tune ups do help, as debris that gathers in or on top if the heater can be removed, and with it the moisture that collects and begins the rusting process. Whether in Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, or Brentwood, pool heater installation or repairs should be accomplished by a reputable company.

Burbank Pool Heater Repair - Burbank CA Swimming Pool Company.
All swimming pool heaters are equipped with a safety and control loop that insures proper operation. When there is failure, most heaters are now able to display error codes which help the service technician to diagnose quickly the problem. Our heater repairmen are factory trained and with many years of feild experience in troubleshooting issues and finding the source of the problem. Replacing a part is an immediate solution, but we go the extra mile.

Calabasas Pool Heater Repair - Calabasas CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
Keeping your swimming pool in top running order is absolutely essential - after all, with your backyard investment, there's no sense in letting the maintenance get out of hand. Spectrum is capable to manage all your pool repairs, including a malfuntioning pool heater. Why have your system down and miss out on swimming time.

Canoga Park Pool Heater Repair - Canoga Park CA Swimming Pool Company.
Beautifully lanscaped pools can turn your backyard into a pristine blue oasis perfect for rest and relaxation, but they do come with responsibilities. Often your pool water's heat will be lost over the course of these chilly nights, which is why so many pools in the area are heated.
Pool heaters can last for years, but when they fail to turn on, it's time to call us out for a service call. You can rely on our years of qualified experience in pool heater repair.

Chatsworth Pool Heater Repair - Chatsworth CA Swimming Pool & Spa Care.
In Southern California pools are almost ubiquitous, owing to the climate that affords them one of the longest warm seasons in the nation along with an abundance of sunshine. But what happens if your heating unit breaks down? There's no reason you should lose half of your swimming season, and that's why Spectrum Pool Care has been providing repair for swimming pool heaters in Chatsworth, West Hills, and Northridge that is reliable, professional and affordable.

Encino Pool Heater Repair - Encino CA Swimming Pool Company.
The owners are still on site, performing routine maintenance or repairs as well as initial estimates. That's when a pool heater comes in quite handy. Also, sometimes older equipment is better off not being repaired, and we can talk to you about the costs and feasibility of replacing your old equipment with the newer, more energy efficient models being manufactured today.

Granada Hills Pool Heater Repair - Granada Hills CA Swimming Pool Company.
As a result, most of the pools in the San Fernando Valley are equipped with pool heaters, to help make swimming more comfortable for a larger part of the year. Just give us a call and we'll be happy to come right out and take a look at your heater, or any other equipment that is not functioning properly and then give you an estimate for the repairs. Add it all up and it can turn into a headache that can outweigh the pleasure you get from simply enjoying the water.

La Canada Pool Heater Repair - La Canada CA Swimming Pool Company.
Heating options available today offer great choices between manufacturers. Select a heater that will fit your particular application. Inquire with our repair techs about low-nox improvements and how that translates into a greener eco-environment. Also, for those who want the highest in efficiency, consider the Jandy Hi-E system. Whatever you choose, you can count on a professional installation or repair.

La Crescenta Pool Heater Repair - La Crescenta CA Swimming Management.
Electrical requirements for your circulation system are basic 120 or 220 volt supply. Be sure proper grounding is provided as well. Water supply is sourced from a pool or spa duty circulation pump. Working together, they form part of a balanced system along with filtration to remove unwanted particulates. A fully function pool will be warm when you need it. When repair needs arise, call your reliable professional.

Moorpark Pool Heater Repair - Moorpark CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
When Spectrum arrives, our repair technicians are equipped with the proper tools to diagnose your heater, as well as access to all manuals on the spot. Our trucks are stocked with some of the more common parts, and we have computer and printer on site for easy estimating and access to online manuals. We provide professional and courteous repairs for all of our clients.

Newbury Park Pool Heater Repair - Newbury Park CA Swimming Pool & Spa.
What can you expect from a repair service call by Spectrum? From beginning to end we consider our clients as community and always provide repair alternatives and options, with attention to longevity of operation. Sometimes we can fix an old furnace, and other times we would recommend a new for installation.

North Hollywood Pool Heater Repair - North Hollywood, CA
That's why so many people employ a service to help them maintain and clean their pools. We spend a lot of money on our pools, and that means we should be prepared to maintain them properly. Make sure your swimming pool heating system is functioning properly by hiring a service company with factory trained heater technicians.

Northridge Pool Heater Repair - Northridge CA Swimming Pool Company.
We are a San Fernando Valley company with more than twenty years of experience providing top notch reliable and professional repairs. If your pool and heater are older, you actually might benefit more from replacing the heating unit with one of the newer energy efficient models, which can end up saving you money in the long run. Nevertheless, we are happy to repair all makes and models if possible.

Santa Monica Pool Heater Repair - Santa Monica CA Swimming Pool Company.
Swimming pool heaters are sometimes fickle, and one reason is the outdoor environment which brings little creatures who nest in the cabin of the heater to keep themselves safe and warm. Spiders are regular culprits who obstruct the gas orifices and signal the heater to turn off. Keeping the pool equipment area clean will minimize the little guests from making their abode in your heater.

Sherman Oaks Pool Heater Repair - Sherman Oaks, CA. Swimming Pool Care.
We are a San Fernando Valley company that's been providing repairs on Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys and Burbank swimming pool heaters for more than twenty years. Why not employ a company to come out and provide competent diagnosis and solutions to your existing pool heater failure? This doesn't have to be an expensive option. That's where Spectrum Pool Care comes in.

Simi Valley Pool Heater Repair - Simi Valley CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
A solid reputation is earned after twenty three years of servicing all pool equipment including heaters, pumps and filters. Spectrum Pool Care is prompt and thorough, with lots of experience we bring to every job. We like to give our customers repair options and can discuss any aspect of your pool or spa circulation system for your understanding.

Studio City Pool Heater Repair - Studio City CA Swimming Pool Company.
However, the long warm season comes with its own hazards - while the days are sunny, with the Spring and Fall nights comes a chill in the air, which can not only let heat escape from your pool, but it will also help to cool the water at the same time. We service and repair failing swimming pool heaters in Tarzana, Studio City and Northridge. Just give us a call and we'll be happy to come out and take a look at your heating system.

Tarzana Pool Heater Repair - Tarzana CA Swimming Pool Company.
In fact, we can even talk with you about proper heater sizing for your pool or spa. The gas line length and dimension, the size of the main gas meter and the volume of pool water is all taken into account when properly fitting the right heater for your particular needs. Different pool heating systems are also rated by their efficiency. We'd be happy to evaluate your specific situation - just give us a call.

Thousand Oaks Pool Heater Repair - Thousand Oaks CA Swimming Pool & Spa.
When the burners don't fire and you need a warm pool or spa, you need to call Spectrum Pool Care as we are prompt and get to the source of the problem quickly. Our repair technicians have many years of experience with Jandy, Laars, Hayward, Pentair and StaRite, so we can resolve most problems on the spot and get your water warm again. Call our staff with any questions you may have

Tujunga Pool Heater Repair - Tujunga CA Swimming Pool & Spa.
Having the appropriate water pressure is a part of normal heater operation as it allows for the water to rise in temperature per manufacturer specifications. If flow is too slow, a safety switch will notify the control board to shut down operation until proper flow is established. This is one of the many safety and control switches that can fail and require a service call to confirm failure.

Valley Village Pool Heater Repair - Valley Village CA Swimming Pool Company.
Another thing we'd be happy to discuss with you is periodic pool heater maintenance. In dense shrubbery or hillside ivy, those pesky little animals are very intent on finding a habitat, and pool heaters seem to be a great place. The twigs and debris that bring into the heater body, however, will cause improper ignition of the gas. We recommend an annual heater tune up in this type of situation. Also, a metallic netting helps too.

Van Nuys Pool Heater Repair - Van Nuys CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
While we're out there we can also give you an estimate on repairing or replacing the heating unit or any other outdated equipment with the newer models that are more energy efficient and will actually save you money in the long run. If you're in the San Fernando Valley and need someone to help you take care of your backyard oasis, just give us a call. Keeping your swimming pool clean can be a real hassle.

West Hills Pool Heater Repair - West Hills CA Swimming Pool & Spa Company.
The efficiency rating on pool heaters are rated by BTU's, British Thermal Units, and is a standard way to see how much of the heat created by the burners are transferred into warm water versus how much escapes into the atmosphere. We at Spectrum take this into consideration when consulting with our client and fitting a pool or spa with a new furnace.

Westlake Village Pool Heater Repair - Westlake Village Pool Heater Repair CA.
For fast response and the best in pool or spa equipment repairs, you can rely on the Spectrum Pool Care service team of caring professionals. Our office staff are helpful and our repair team is top notch with many years of training and great diagnostic skills. We put the CARE back into pool care!
Give us a call and we'll get your furnace back in operation soon.

Woodland Hills Pool Heater Repair - Woodland Hills CA Swimming Pool & Spa.
Though it does get hot in the summer, swimming pools and spas are still generally outfitted with a pool heater for those cooler days and to reach that ideal temperature in the water. You will need the heater to operate at peak efficiency and so we offer an annual service to insure clean burners and gas system. This also reduces the carbon that is released into the atmosphere as a byproduct of a poor ignition. Always seek a blue flame as that represents clean burn.

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