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Woodland Hills Pool Motor Repair

Woodland Hills Pool Motor Repair Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. With years of field experience in the Los Angeles area, you can depend on a qualifed tech servicing your pool equipment.

Woodland Hills Pool Motor Repair News and articles about Sherman Oaks Pool Fence.

If you are experiencing a pump or motor failure, we can be of help. Since 1984 our repair technicians have solved system issues each day. For a competent diagnosis with clear explanations, schedule your appointment today!
Pool Motor Repair Woodland Hills CA

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Woodland Hills Pool Motor Repair Tips

Many of the older brass pumps come equipped with an adjustable impellor: a fan-like part that provides the motive force to move the water through the circulation system. It is secured by a shaft-extension with 2-3 allen set-screws. These will sometimes loosen, causing the impellor to slip out of position and bind against the volute. The result is a grinding sound or humming coming from the motor, due to being frozen. Since the breaker on the house may get thrown, resetting is not always the solution. The cause has to be identified first, and corrected. Whether you live in Studio City or Woodland Hills, pool motor repair includes problems such as these, and our techs are called out frequently to provide assistance. Besides slipping, a pebble, twig or coin can jam up the works. If this happens, a similar grinding sound will be heard, and the pump will need to be dismantled. Another problem may be insufficient water in the pool, allowing the system to run dry - this can shrink the influent plumbing and cause the water to stagnate. A Spectrum repair tech considers these scenarios when evaluating a failure. Whether resetting the impellor or replacing the motor itself, you can expect our technicians to approach each issue with care and expertise. Ask about upgrade solutions too , as energy-efficient options may be available to help save in monthly electrical expenses. Whatever your repair need today, we will be there for you. Just give us a call.

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