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Westlake Village Pool Heater Repair

Westlake Village Pool Heater Repair Solutions at http://www.spectrumpoolcare.com. With years of field experience in the Conejo Valley area, you can trust the Spectrum team to be on-time and professional.

Westlake Village Pool Heater Repair News and articles about Brentwood Pool Cleaning.

Hire a qualified service technician to fix your heater. We are adept at solving problems with skill and expertise. Whether your furnace won't fire or simply needs to be cleaned out, you can rely on us to be prompt and effective!

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Westlake Village Pool Heater Repair Tips

Does your pool or spa take way too long to heat up? There are many reasons why this can happen. Ambient air and water temperature is a significant factor to overcome when it is cold out. In the Summer, it is much easier to reach your desired heat as the warm weather will contribute to heating up the ground that surrounds the pool as well. Of course, the system may have a malfunction in the safety and control loop that monitors all the actions. If a wire is shorted out or a pressure switch breaks, a professional diagnosis will be required. In Thousand Oaks, Agoura or Westlake Village, pool heater repair is one of the key services we perform. In the case where unwanted debris causes obstruction to the flow of gas, a heater tune-up will be required. Most obstructions are a result of spiders or bugs that have decided to make their home in the burner orifices. From egg sacks, to webs or nesting material, removal will restore open gas pathways. Fortunately a professional cleaning can restore operation and optimal performance. Besides cleaning issues, we may need to simply reset the temp control board, turn the power switch "on", or reset the circuit breaker. Water flow can inhibit the heater from firing which a filter clean may resolve. Or a remote system may simply need reprogramming. Whatever the problem is, we'll provide a detailed written estimate for your approval. We look forward to restoring your pool or spa back to health.

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