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Tujunga Pool Motor Repair

Tujunga Pool Motor Repair Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. With years of field experience, providing capable and skilled CPO certified technicians to diagnose and solve repair issues.

Tujunga Pool Motor Repair News and articles about Calabasas Pool Light Repair

Fast response and exceptional experience, our repair team is ready to address your pool system failure. Call for a phone consultation, and schedule an on-site visit today!
Pool Motor Repair Tujunga CA

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Tujunga Pool Motor Repair Tips

Maintaining proper water level can help to extend the life of a pool or spa duty motor. When the level drops too low, the pump will starve and start to steam the little remaining water that is in the pump pot. Evidence of this occuring will initially be a loud slushing sound the comes and goes. If this persists long enough, then the system will completely lose prime, running yet not actually circulating. The strainer basket will become deformed due to the heat, and the influent and effluent plumbing fittings will start to shrink. You may notice some drops of water beading out the top or streaming around the pump or motor. If the suction fiitting has shrunken too much, the air drawn in will result in bubbles appearing at the return lines of the pool. Whether you llive in La Crescenta, Sun Valley, or Tujunga, pool motor repair issues like this can be avoided when you take care to monitor the water level each season. Though a pump can be replumbed, leaking seals can cause a secondary level of damage to the bearings if not corrected in time. Give us a call to discuss what you are experiencing, as we'll do our best to provide a solution.

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