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Simi Valley Pool Motor Repair

Simi Valley Pool Motor Repair Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. With years of field experience, providing system issue solutions in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley neighborhoods.

Simi Valley Pool Motor Repair News and articles about Los Angeles Pool Light Repair.

Welcome to Spectrum Pool Care repair . We specialize in full system issues, keeing in mind economy of operation as well as pocket-book. Give us a call to schedule your appointment with one of our techs today!

Pool Motor Repair Simi Valley CA

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Simi Valley Pool Motor Repair Tips

When determining what style, type, model or horsepower rating of your current pool or spa duty motor, rely upon the informational plate that is affixed to the body. It will signify the frame style - such as Square Flange or C-frame for instance. This indicates what type of 'wet-end' it is compatible with. This wet-end is the portion of the pump that the motor is attached to. It has a volute and a pot that captures leaves and debris in the strainer basket. Another important variable is the horsepower rating. This can be a little confusing as their are typically two figures - HP and Total HP. Sometimes only the HP is listed and then an SF rating. The SF stands for Service Factor and it plays a part of the equation that results in the Total Horsepower. Think HPxSF = THP. This is essentially what capacity the motor is capable of performing at. Whether you live in Chatsworth, Thousand Oaks or Simi Valley, pool motor repair issues require a full analysis of the system requirement, and this includes proper sizing for the application. With a balanced equipment set and associated plumbing, pools and spas run efficiently and economically.

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