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Northridge Pool Motor Repair

Northridge Pool Motor Repair Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. Featuring a dependable group of repair professionals with years of feild experience - you can rely on Spectrum.

Northridge Pool Motor Repair News and articles about Calabasas Salt Pool System.

Are you experiencing a loud grinding or humming noise coming from your pump? Or maybe it just won't turn on? Not to worry - a Spectrum service pro can be on site today! Simply call and schedule an appointment with our staff.
Pool Motor Repair Northridge CA

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Northridge Pool Motor Repair Tips

Our backyard pool would be a stagnant swamp if not for the pump which accomplishes the task of turning over the water daily and enabling heat and filtration sufficient for your demand. At a speed of 3450 rpm, the motor will need to run approximately 4-8 hours daily - depending upon the season. Colder weather requires less time as algae metabolizes more slowly when its cold. The Summer heat requires the highest time-cycle to achieve clarity and sanitization. One complete circle is made as the flow from the main drain and skimmer move into the pump, and then onto the filter and heater, and then back through the wall inlets around the structure. Any obstruction in this loop will reveal noticeable effects in the quality of the water. Whether in La Canada, Porter Ranch or Northridge, pool motor repair frequently involves the removal of debris somewhere in the system. For more in depth diagnoses, we may need to introduce high pressure air to force out a toy or twigs that may be lodged somewhere in the plumbing. Sometimes the removal of a jammed pebble or coin in the impellor solves the problem. Whatever the issue, you can rely on our team to be diligent and competent. If need of a new installation, be sure to ask about the new energy saving pumps that can reduce your kilowatt consumption by 30-70%!

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