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Beverly Hills Pool Heater Repair

Beverly Hills Pool Heater Repair Solutions from http://www.spectrumpoolcare.com. A Los Angeles company specializing in dependable heater installation and maintenance - satisfying customers for over two decades.

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Thanks for visiting our website! You can rely on us to diagnose the specific issue regarding your current heating malfunction. Whether it is technical advice you need, repair or a new installation, you can trust our professional techs to do the job just right!

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Beverly Hills Pool Heater Repair Tips

One of the major advances to standard millivolt heaters of the 1970's was the elimination of free standing pilots which wasted fuel while not in use. Southern CA started to move in the direction of gas efficiency and environmentally friendly heaters by developing an automatic controller called an Intermittent Ignition Device. Pool techs refer to it as the brain of the system as it channels electronic information from the Control Board to the main valve, allowing gas to flow through the manifold to the ignitor on the burner tray. A spark is produced which ignites the burners providing heat to the copper finned tubes above, and transfered to the pool or spa water traveling through them. Common pool furnace service calls in Beverly Hills, include troubleshooting these newer systems as they have more sensitive electronics than before. In the past, a homeowner could simply open the pilot valve and with a match in hand, relight it. Most of these older heaters are no longer in service and have long since been replaced by the newer generation. As a preventative measure against failure, we recommend a scheduled cleaning to mitigate a faulty start due to these and other environmental factors, such as an accumulation of leaves or brush. Even with improvements in technology, furnaces still need maintenance and it is Spectrum's trained technicians who can advise you on your specific situation. For replacement needs, we can provide an estimate for new pool heater installation - just give us a call.

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