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Bel Air Pool Heater Repair

Bel Air Pool Heater Repair Solutions from http://www.spectrumpoolcare.com. Many years of faithful service in the Los Angeles area, providing expertise in swimming pool equipment repair and installation.

Bel Air Pool Heater Repair News and articles about Agoura Hot Tub Repair.

We want to welcome you to Spectrum, an established local company specializing in repair and installation of swimming pool heaters for our Bel Air residents. Whatever the issue at hand, our repair techs will be dispatched quickly, diagnose and explain the condition of the heater, and provide an affordable repair quote. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.



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Bel Air Pool Heater Repair Tips

Sometimes the spa just doesn't feel as warm as you are used to, and you wonder why. You know the heater is turned on and you let it heat up for the normal amount of time. You can feel the heat rising out of the heater too. What could be the problem? Typically it is the result of a poorly burning flame over the burners that cause a low transfer of heat to the heat exchanger which sits above the flames. This can be because of low gas pressure or a gas valve that is malfunctioning, but usually it is less complex of a problem. Those small insects that populate our backyards need to have a place to sleep and a place to call home. Even pool heaters in Bel Air ca are the nesting places for these spiders especially during the winter season when we may not be using our heaters regularly. They crawl into the very small places of the gas manifold system and deposit their webs or eggs for the next generation. These naturally obstruct the easy flow of gas to the burners and restrict the flame causing much less heat to reach the exchanger, and viola - our spa thermometer reads a few degrees less than normal. Keeping the environment around the pool equipment clean will minimize this problem greatly, as well as a periodic bug extermination.

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